Wood County, Wisconsin

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Farmland Preservation Program

Wisconsin’s Farmland Preservation Program helps farmers and local governments preserve farmland, protect soil and water, and minimize land use conflicts. Through participation in the program:

  • Counties develop farmland preservation plans
  • Local governments can develop farmland preservation districts
  • Landowners and local governments together form Agricultural Enterprise Areas
  • Landowners meet soil and water conservation standards to become eligible to claim an income tax credit.

Income tax credits available are based on the landowner’s type of participation in the program:

  • $5.00/ac for landowners with a farmland preservation agreement signed after July 1, 2009 and located in an AEA
  • $7.50/ac for landowners in an area zoned for farmland preservation
  • $10.00/ac for landowners in an area zone for farmland preservation and in an AEA and an agreement.

Communities can voluntarily pursue designation of an agricultural enterprise area by submitting a petition to DATCP. Landowners within the AEA are eligible to enter into voluntary farmland preservation agreements.

Current Agricultural Enterprise Area Map

Wood County does currently have Farmland Preservation Zoning or an Agricultural Enterprise Area.