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Norwood Health Center

Front entrance of Wood County Annex & Health Center

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Norwood Health Center
Wood County Annex & Health Center (Map)
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm M-F
Phone: (715) 384-2188
Fax: (715) 389-2266
Email: woodcoannex@woodcountywi.gov

Welcome to Norwood Health Center

Any of us could potentially face difficult times in life. Nothing can be more confusing or overwhelming than when people and their families are struggling with a chronic or acute mental illness.

Norwood Health Center, located in the Wood County Annex and Health Center, provides residents of Wood and surrounding counties with high-quality treatment services which include acute, inpatient psychiatric care, skilled long-term care for persons with chronic, severe mental illness, as well as Emergency Protective Placement.

Close affiliations with other care providers exist which afford Norwood clients access to superior general and specialized medical and diagnostic services. Since Norwood is part of Wood County, we also have close ties with the outpatient mental health community and programs including case management, community counseling and treatment services.

Norwood Health Center is owned by Wood County with oversight by the Wood County Health and Human Services Board. Referrals and questions about admission can be directed to the Client Services Director by calling 715-384-2188.


The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the signed Executive Order by the President of the United States, 2019 Final Rule Section 2718(e) of the Public Health Act, requires all hospitals to make available online a listing of all standard hospital charges. Please see the link below for the compliance of this order for County of Wood – Norwood Health Center – Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital. Rates are required to be updated yearly per the regulation.
Norwood Health Center Standard Charges (Excel)
Norwood Health Center Standard Charges (CSV)
Norwood Health Center Shoppable Services (Excel)
Norwood Health Center Shoppable Services (CSV)

CMS Hospital Price Transparency Machine-Readable File (MFR)

Wood County Annex and Health Center outdoor sign, listing Norwood Health Center, Human Services, Health Department, Veterans Service, Sheriff's Department, and Bridgeway.

Wood County Annex & Health Center

In addition to Norwood, the Annex also houses offices for the Health Department, Veteran’s Administration, Sheriff’s Department, Birth to Three and a branch office of the mental health clinic one day a week for outpatient therapy.

Norwood Health Center Units

Norwood Health Center is licensed by the State of Wisconsin as a specialty hospital and a nursing home. The units include:

Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Admissions, licensed as a specialty hospital, provides a wide range of services to persons experiencing acute psychiatric crisis. Our highly trained professional staff includes nurses, psychiatric technicians, social workers, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, who work as a team along with the patient to return him or her to the community setting quickly.

For more information visit the Admissions Homepage

Long-Term Care for the Chronically Mentally Ill

Long Term Care is licensed as a nursing home and is a long-term care program designed for treatment of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Each individual in this residential setting receives the support they need based on their unique strengths and challenges. Individuals are supported to allow them to assert as much control over their lives as possible. We want to support residents to grow and heal by providing numerous opportunities and activities that help them structure their daily life in enjoyable and fulfilling ways.

For more information visit the Long Term Care Homepage

Residential Facility Providing Short-Term Crisis Stabilization

Bridgeway is a 24-hour, eight-bed community-based residential facility (CBRF) for adults experiencing a mental health crisis that provides short-term crisis stabilization. Individuals receive services such as medication monitoring, daily psychoeducational groups and assistance with daily living skills including emotional support and supervision. This service is provided by Wood County Human Services crisis staff and admission is initiated by contacting the crisis line for assistance with the admission process. This program is not designed to serve individuals in crisis due to homelessness or alcohol/drug related concerns, but the crisis line can provide referrals to other programs for those situations.