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Legal Notice

Posted 5/21/2024 by tminer@co.wood.wi.us

Pursuant to §65.90, Wis. Statutes, the Wood County Board, at its meeting on May 21, 2024, made the following budget changes:

24-5-1:  To amend the 2023 budget for Employee Health Benefits (51430) for additional expenditures that were not anticipated during the original budget process with unanticipated revenues from Health Fund Stop-Loss Reimbursement totaling $500,000.

24-5-2:  To amend the 2024 Wood County Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) grant budget for unanticipated state aid monies and to appropriate those monies to the DATCP grant budget expenditures totaling $32,611.29.

24-5-4:  To amend the 2024 budget for the Wood County Maintenance Department by transferring $450,000 from the Buildings Maintenance Retained Earnings Account to pay for the purchase of property along Second Street in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

Trent Miner, County Clerk