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Wood County WIC Program

The goal of the WIC program is to assist pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children to stay healthy and strong.

Wood County WIC provides

  • Nutrition information
  • Breastfeeding information and support services
  • An eWIC electronic benefits card to buy nutritious foods and infant formula
  • Referrals to other community resources
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Eligibility requirements to receive WIC benefits:

  • You are pregnant or just had a baby (up to six months after delivery, or if breastfeeding up to 12 months after delivery), infant, or child(ren) under age of five
  • You meet income requirements
  • You have a nutrition or health need that WIC can assist with by providing food and nutrition information
  • You are a foster family with a foster child 5 years or younger
  • You are enrolled in an assistance program such as BadgerCare

How to Apply

  • Click on the link below, and fill out the WIC application form
  • You can also have an application mailed to you by calling Wood County WIC at 715-421-8950
  • You can update your information with Wood County WIC by filling out the application again and selecting the "Update" option

WIC Application Form

Upon completion of the WIC application, please await a phone call from your local WIC agency. If you are in need of immediate assistance, you may call 715-421-8950 to speak with a WIC staff person.

Breastfeeding Information

  • Breastfeeding Peer Counselor is available 24/7 for breastfeeding assistance at 715-213-3537
  • Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition Find Us on Facebook
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WIC Breastfeeding Equipment/Supplies

  • Breast pump equipment/supplies may be available to WIC participants after additional requirements are met.
    • Rental Pumps
    • Hand pumps
    • Personal electric pumps
    • Accessories
  • WIC Food Benefits

    WIC helps you buy foods that keep you and your kids healthy. After you qualify for WIC you will receive an eWIC Electronic Benefit card to buy WIC Approved Foods. Benefits are loaded on the card and available to use at the grocery store. A participant would use the card as they use a credit card. After checkout, a receipt is printed that lists what remaining benefits exist. This helps participants to fully use all of their benefits each month.

    eWIC Electronic Benefit Cards

    WIC Electronic Benefit Card

    EBT Edge - set up your PIN

    WIC Prescription Forms

    A WIC staff person will review and fill out requests for formulas and supplemental foods for your infants and children or request for Medical food for the mother. Additional documents may be required to complete the requests. If you have questions or need additional information, call Wood County WIC at 715-421-8950.

    Farmers' Markets and WIC

    • Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
      • Provides eligible WIC participants with checks to purchase locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and farm stands
      • Eligible WIC families can receive one set of checks starting in June through the end of September and can redeem the checks until October 31st
      • Checks must be used at authorized farmers’ markets and farm stands WIC Approved Foods-Farmer's Markets

    Wisconsin MyWIC App on your phone can:

    • Check how many WIC food benefits you have left
    • Get a reminder before your WIC benefits expire
    • Scan barcodes to see which foods are WIC approved
    • Search for WIC-approved foods
    • Find WIC-approved stores
    • Receive reminders for WIC appointments

    The Wisconsin MyWIC App is here!

    On your smartphone you can now:

    • Search WIC Foods
    • View Benefit Balance
    • Find Stores
    • View WIC Messages

    Look for the Wisconsin MyWIC app!
    ** Apple Store or Google Play Store **

    Apple Store app image
    Google Store app image

    Online Education (WICHealth.org)

    On-line lessons are encouraged to complete on your own time.

    WICHealth.org Website

    • Go to FAQ for information on how to sign-up or forgot your username or password.
    • Call WIC 715-421-8950 or email wic@woodcountywi.gov with questions or for more information!

    For more information visit: Wisconsin WIC Program

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