Wood County, Wisconsin

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Water and Air Quality

Air Quality

Consultation regarding indoor air quality (i.e. Mold, Asbestos, Radon, Sewer gas, Carbon monoxide). For more information, see the following Wisconsin Department of Health Services pages:

For people that live within city limits contacting your City Building Inspector can help solve building condition issues. City websites are listed under "Municipalities" in the main menu to the left.

Groundwater Education & Protection

Consultation with Wood County residents about water sample results, safety of water supply, water quality and water treatment.

Visit the Wisconsin DNR Drinking Water & Groundwater page to find additional information about public & private drinking water as well as groundwater.

Phosphorus or Phosphate "Ban"

The application of lawn fertilizer containing phosphorus or available phosphate is restricted to use with new lawns with seed, or applicators with a soil test indicating phosphorus deficiency.

Sale of phosphorus and display of phosphorus turf fertilizer is limited to specific need and use of a sign indicating that turf fertilizer is available upon request for uses permitted.

For more information, see 2009 Wisconsin Act 9 on the Wisconsin State Legislature website.

Contact Information

Please contact Wood County Health Department with any questions regarding air quality, bi-annual clean sweep, groundwater education & protection or the lead prevention program. Phone (715) 421-8911 or (715) 387-8646. Ask to speak with Environmental Health.