Wood County, Wisconsin

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Wood County Breastfeeding Services

The Wood County Health Department provides breastfeeding education, support, and resources to all breastfeeding mothers regardless of income, age, or race.

The Wood County Health Department is staffed with several professionals certified in lactation.

Public Health

Service available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

By appointment - Call 715-421-8911

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Education
  • Breastfeeding Consultations (home visits available)

Circle of Moms (Breastfeeding Support)

Breastfeeding Equipment / Accessories

  • Rental pumps and kits - $30-35 per kit
  • Breastfeeding accessories (Medela) available for purchase, upon request
  • Cover-ups - $5
  • Pump holders - $5
Wood County Health Department

WIC Services

Application for the Wood County WIC Program

Available 24/7

Breastfeeding peer counselor: 715-213-3537

Available by Appointment
  • Lactation consultations by appointment - Call 715-421-8950
  • Prenatal breastfeeding education 3 times throughout pregnancy

Breastfeeding Equipment

  • Rental Pumps
  • Hand pumps
  • Personal electric pumps
  • Accessories
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Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition

The WCHD supports the work of Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition. Check out their website for more information. www.woodcountybreastfeeding.org

Breastfeeding Resources

For more information and to stay updated on the latest breastfeeding information and events going on in Wood County, visit www.woodcountybreastfeeding.org and follow the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition on Facebook.

Visit Coffective - Coffective supports state and local organizations in coordinating to address systemic barriers and improve the health of birthing people and babies.

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