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Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver of Wood County is a rescue program for our most vulnerable community members. These community members are both children and adults affected by cognitive impairments or disabilities or medical conditions that would put them at risk to wander away and become lost. This program uses a radio frequency transmitter that the member must wear and a receiver to locate the emitted signal. The radio frequency is used to track the missing member but is not audible to the human ear. The transmitter can be worn on either the wrist or ankle of the member. This program does not use GPS location.

If a loved one or client goes missing, we have multiple trained local agencies used for searching; including the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, Wood County Rescue, Civil Air Patrol and some fire departments.

For information about signing a loved one up for the program, please contact one of the following contacts:

  • For all ages and questions about the program: Please contact Wood County Sheriff Investigator Sergeant Sara McCormick at either 715-421-8701 or during normal working hours at 715-421-8715 or Deputy Kristine Beathard at 715-421-8701. After working hours, contact Deputy Alesha Brundidge at 715-421-7801.
  • For clients ages 18 and over: Please contact the Aging and Disability Resource at 715-421-0014 or look for information online at www.adrc-cw.org, under Resources tab, then Resource Directory, Emergency Response Systems/Id’s. Look for Wood County-Project Lifesaver on the bottom of the list.
  • For clients ages 17 and under: Please contact the Wood County Department of Human Services at 715-421-8600 or look online at https://www.co.wood.wi.us/Departments/HumanServices/ProjectLifesaver.aspx.