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Central Wisconsin Farm Profitability Expo

Posted 1/19/2022 by swucherpfennig@co.wood.wi.us

The Central Wisconsin Farm Profitability Expo Is Back!


This year’s in-person expo is designed to encourage profitable farming by building resiliency, diversifying farming operations, reducing inputs, and increasing farmer’s return on investment. You will about learn about best-management practices including regenerative management, managed grazing, cover crops, and no-till farming—all tools farmers can use to take advantage of what nature has to offer and increase self-sufficiency on the farm.

You’ll explore the specific barriers Central Wisconsin farmers are experiencing when adopting best management practices through discussion with fellow farmers who have implemented them. As a bonus to our speaker line-up, you will hear from the next generation of farmers, agricultural students, and their take on the future of farming and land stewardship.

Join us Tuesday, February 15 from 9:30AM to 3:30PM at the Mid-State Campus in Wisconsin Rapids. Engage with fellow farmers and youth in agriculture for a day of thought-provoking conversation.

For a full schedule and registration info visit MSTC.EDU/FARM-EXPO

Registration Fee: $18 (includes lunch & refreshments)

If you have questions about this event, please contact:

Ashley Borchardt, Workforce & Professional Development Coordinator, MSTC
continuinged@mstc.edu • 715.422.5347

Rachael Whitehair, Natural Resource Educator, UW-Madison Extension, Wood County
rachael.whitehair@wisc.edu • 715.421.8444


January 18, 2022 Updated Numbers Wood County COVID-19

Posted 1/18/2022 by krauter-egge@co.wood.wi.us

Richfield 360 Announcement

Posted 1/14/2022 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

Snowmobile Trail Update

Posted 1/12/2022 by spotocki@co.wood.wi.us

The Auburndale Nite Owls Snowmobile Club opened their portion of the Wood County snowmobile trails this morning at 8:00 AM, Wednesday, January 12th, 2022. The Bakerville Snow Rovers in the NW portion of Wood County are also open as of Saturday, January 8th, 2022.

All other snowmobile trails remain CLOSED at this time.

Remember to respect private landowners and STAY ON MARKED TRAILS!

Drive safely.


Wood County Continues in Crisis Mode, High COVID-19 NumbersĀ 

Posted 1/10/2022 by krauter-egge@co.wood.wi.us



CONTACT: Susan Kunferman, Wood County Health Department Director/Health Officer

(715) 421-8911

Wood County Continues in Crisis Mode, High COVID-19 Numbers 

Wisconsin Rapids, WI – The Wood County Health Department continues to struggle to follow-up with everyone who is positive with COVID-19 and their close contacts. The Department remains in crisis mode and continues to offer an online interview option. As a reminder, this option will be sent via a text message link and include a disease investigator’s contact information should you have questions or concerns. We will not ask for bank accounts, insurance information or social security numbers. If you feel something is suspicious, please contact us at 715-421-8911. When unable to call or text, at minimum, you should receive a letter in the mail with detailed instructions. Calls are now prioritized for those over 60 and those under 18 years old. 

The Centers for Disease Control and WI Department of Health Services recently updated their guidance for people who have tested positive as well as for close contacts of these people. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you should isolate for a minimum of 5 days after the start of your symptoms or from the test date if you do not have symptoms. If any of the following applies, you should isolate longer: you are moderately to severely ill, your symptoms are not resolving or you have a fever on day 5, you are immune compromised, you are a healthcare worker, you are unable to wear a mask, or your physician has told you to isolate longer. You should continue to mask for the full 10 days. 

If you are unvaccinated and are a close contact of someone who has tested positive, you should quarantine for 5 days from your last date of exposure to the infectious individual, get tested on day 5, and continue to mask for 10 days. More information about the new guidance can be found here.   

Fully vaccinated close contacts will not need to quarantine, as long as they do not develop symptoms, and should wear a mask for 10 days after exposure and monitor for symptoms. Wood County follows the current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which considers the following individuals fully vaccinated with no quarantine requirement: Adults: 1) received a primary COVID-19 series AND a booster;; OR 2) completed primary series of Pfizer or Moderna within the last 6 months; OR 3) completed primary series of J&J vaccine within the last 2 months.  Under 18 years old: 1) received a primary COVID-19 series. 

Free drive-thru COVID-19 testing is available in Wisconsin Rapids on Tuesdays and Thursdays at St. John's the Evangelist Episcopal Church, 320 Oak St. Wisconsin Rapids 54494 through the month of February. No appointment is needed; PCR tests will be done. Please allow 2-5 days for results.

There are multiple upcoming COVID-19 vaccine clinics. View the Wood County Health Department website for further details. Click here for more information or call 715-421-8931. As we go through this latest surge in Wood County, please stay home when you are sick and wear a mask when in public.